We receive many testimonials from State Auditors, Clients and other representatives highlighting our unparalleled success, superior level of attention to detail and integrity we provide to each client.

“Even though I’m a CPA, I don’t bother with doing this myself because the laws are fairly technical and they’re changing all the time. The obtaining, retaining and conveying of the records is quite significant. So it is much easier to retain someone who is based in Sacramento, who can easily go to the hearings, walk your stuff in, and quickly respond when necessary. Overall, ASTC saved us about a million dollars in potential sales tax. In the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty fantastic.”
P.F., CFO, Limousine Company

“We consulted a local tax attorney who advised us of how to set up the sale and where to put the new jet in order to minimize the California sales and use tax. We proceeded as he advised and several months into the process realized that his strategy was not working. We were assessed almost $260,000.00 sales tax along with additional penalties of approximately $50,000.00. We called ASTC very late in the game to try and save the day. ASTC presented our case again before the tax board, and this time we prevailed. ASTC won the case and our future business. We recently completed the purchase of our fourth turbine aircraft through ASTC, with tax savings among these aircraft approaching the $1,000,000.00 mark.”
Richard Clark, Open Range Ventures, LLC

“Our corporation purchased a Piper Malibu Jetprop in March 2005 and we immediately engaged the services of Associated Sales Tax Consultants Incorporated, to guide us through the process of eliminating the sales tax on our purchase. They were very helpful in monitoring our in state and out of state usage of the aircraft, documentation of our out of state business use and filing of all paper work with the State Board of Equalization. We had a successful outcome that resulted in a saving after all fees of $55,000.00. If you are contemplating the purchase of an aircraft and can use it for out of state business at least 50% of the time during the first 6 months of ownership, we highly recommend the use of their services.”
Fred Weibel, Weibel Family Wine Group

“I have used Associated Sales Tax Consultants, Inc. (ASTC) to shield my business from the tax collectors. I was amazed when an audit by the Board of Equalization that had caused me to lose sleep, quickly dissipated once Joe Micallef and the people at ASTC got involved, those of us who have used Joe’s [ASTC’s] expertise clearly know he is the best...”
Thomas A. Alston, CEO Aero & Marine Tax Professionals

“We did our homework and prepared all the documentation related to our yacht’s purchase in Canada, saved all our receipts, and had copies of the boat’s log. When we were contacted by the State Board of Equalization, we sent them an explanatory letter with all the appropriate copies of the above items. Without an explanation the Board denied our claim for exemption and sent us a tax bill for $22,000.00. We contacted your firm, and retained you to help our situation. Within two months we received from the Board a new notice of determination stating that our tax bill was $0. I would certainly recommend ASTC to anyone who is planning to purchase a yacht and wants to ensure obtaining the proper tax exemption from the Board of Equalization.”
Dr. Merv Shenson

“I want to let you know that we are very pleased with the efficient, professional handling of our account over the past year since our acquisition of the aircraft. Thank you very much for providing us with excellent representation through your Transaction Analysis Program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone making an aircraft acquisition. Best wishes to you and your staff for continued success.”
Eugene J. Micek, CEO, Flightline Aviation, Inc.

“In my opinion, Associated Sales Tax Consultants is a well run professional organization. I appreciated the service their firm provided me and wish them further success in the operation of their business.”
Leo A. Hanly, Santa Ynez Valley Construction Co.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of the effort expended upon this project by your staff. There is no doubt in our minds that we would have been unsuccessful in obtaining the positive results by ourselves. We would not hesitate to recommend your firm and it’s services to anyone seeking the same end result. Thank you for your diligent and professional attention to our project.”
Norman Green, Irsfeld, Irsfeld & Younger, LLP

“Your analysis and advice were accurate, complete and clear. Further, the completely successful results indicate that you dealt as effectively with the State Board of Equalization as you did with our client and with me. Indeed, our client has now sold the aircraft, and referred the buyer to you for advice and assistance. We certainly would consult you again in connection with any aircraft or boat purchase and sale transaction.”
Jim Irwin, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty

“I wanted to thank you for your advice and representation with respect to the sales tax potentially owed with respect to my Conquest. You were knowledgeable, courteous and, most of all, effective in obtaining an exemption from sales or use tax for my aircraft with minimum involvement on my part. Thank you again for your excellent service.”
Kenneth C. Karas

“As a repeat customer, we highly recommend ASTC not only for those going through the process the first time, but as a regular part of any aircraft purchase in which there are potential sales tax consequences.”
Chuck Kissner, Kissner & Associates, LLC

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“As a CA Tax Attorney with over 20 years experience, I recognize the importance of referring the 'right' professional. Any sales tax audits or controversies are always referred by our office to Associated Sales Tax Consultants. I highly recommend ASTC.”

N.G., Tax Attorney
Law Office

“Rarely in my professional life have I had the pleasure to work with such a qualified and responsive team of consultants. I want to express my appreciation for your genuine desire to share what you have learned with all of us who need to know the facts. I am impressed with the altruistic culture of your company that as been perpetuated by you, the man at the top. You are building a legacy and you will not be forgotten.”

M.K., President
BioHorizon Medical, Inc.

"The expert and personal assistance we received from Associated Sales Tax Consultants was critical to the future viability of our company. Our professional consultant at ASTC assumed immediate control of the case and rendered positive results in a very short time. Our consultant resolved the entire matter to our company's benefit. I am convinced that ASTC was the definitive service to turn to in this matter and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a sales tax issue."

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